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About Cronoslogic Digital Services

Cronoslogic has been involved in various areas of the technical industry since 1999. The primary developer behind Cronoslogic, Joseph Weierheiser, has been at it for more than 20 years. What started as a board game and video game development team, later moved into cryptography software, graphic development, web development, video production, audio production and anything else that happened to come our way.

In 1992 Joseph developed a 3 player chess game entitled Tri-Chess and later crossed it over into a computer game. In 1996 he developed Graliens, a 3D video game. In 1998 until 2003 he worked specifically on cryptography programs like Shredder, Encryptex and Onux. From 2004 to present, Joseph has been involved heavily in various aspects of multimedia development that includes web, video, audio and custom application development.

Today, Cronoslogic is a small development team that handles a wide range of project types. We have started and completed a great deal of projects from the ground up, yet we have taken failing projects over from other developers and brought them into reality. Adaptation and improvisation mixed with fluidity and flexibility have allowed us to gain a reputation among our clients as being the guys that can get the job done.


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