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Over the years Joseph Weierheiser has developed numerous custom applications for various clients across a broad spectrum of uses. Industries that you may think would never have any use for custom applications often find themselves in a position where a custom built piece of software is exactly the thing they need to run their business more effectively.

Below are examples of applications we have built for other companies. Some of these applications can be adapted for use in your business and can be branded with your logo. These applications are completely customizable to fit within your operation.

This application is a program that allows users to create visual samples of the poured in place EPDM rubber product that is applied to playgrounds, pool decks, walkways, patios and just about anywhere an impact resistant surface is needed. This program allows the user to create as many samples as they like on screen, then print these samples to bring to the area that needs to be covered and see how the color scheme works with their area. This also increases efficiency for both the sales representative that visits the customer, as well as the customer themselves. The customer can spend as much time as they like mixing as many samples as they want, all in the comfort of their home with no pressure.

Click here to see it in action

This application is designed for business card CDs that can be handed out at trade shows, affiliate businesses and more. This application contains all the important product information as well as video and links to the IRSI web site. These miniature business card size CDs are an excellent marketing tool that extend far beyond what any print brochure can do and pricing is within the same neighborhood as a standard printed 3-fold brochure.

Click here to see it in action

This software is a considerably complicated video projection program that allows on-the-fly video sequences and mixing to be projected on a large format screen for stage performances. For 2 years Joseph Weierheiser worked with a local band while developing this software.

A shot from one of the performances is below. The screen used is 12 feet wide and 7 feet tall. We built the screen using aluminum, white pine and cloth for the screen itself. The screen was suspended from the rear lighting grid and a projector was set about 14 feet back from the screen behind the drummer. As you can see from this sample shot, the results are quite stunning and we can reproduce this layout within a few short hours.

This is a special instant messaging system that is still in use now that runs within a business environment. The software works almost exactly the same as many of the popular free messaging systems, yet with some very significant differences.

First, there is no way for any employee to communicate with anyone outside of the organization. This was crucial to the client as a lot of time can be wasted by employees chatting to outside friends and family. The software had to work only within the organization, both on site and to remote locations, but not with anyone else.

Second, every conversation that takes places within the program is logged in the event there is an internal dispute within the organization. Nothing like a time stamped log containing the entire chat conversation to end a dispute.

Third, the chat server runs on a server located within the organization. This allows for full control and security over who can and cannot connect to the chat system, automatically.

Finally, the chat server can be accessed by remote offices and mobile employees. This can only be handled by an office administrator which means employees cannot give the software to a friend and expect it to work. All connections are secure and can be encrypted if needed.

This software can easily be adapted, modified and branded to fit within your organization for a very reasonable fee. Please use our inquiry form to contact us about your interest.

This program is a simple, yet effective browser that automatically refreshes the screen every few minutes, or whatever the user decides to set it to. The reason for a system like this is because certain web sites are constantly update with new data, yet the site itself does not refresh on it's own. The user often forgets to refresh the browser every few minutes,, and when this happens, a completely new session has to be performed by logging again and navigating back to where they were. This program solves that problem and refreshes the page automatically allowing the user to not be logged out, fresh data always on the screen and no more annoyances and time wasted.

This program can be easily modified to fit within your organization as well. Please use our contact form to inquire.


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