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Since 2003, Cronoslogic has been working with various video editing packages and producing DVD and web video for our clients. We do shoot some of our video, but most of the time a client has a bunch of video they shot themselves, and we assemble it together to make a single line of story telling. We can produce the visual effects, transitional effects, lower third graphics and animations to be incorporated into your video. When we're finished, you will have the polished presentation you're looking for.

Below are a few examples of videos we have created over the years for our clients. Click on any video image to view the video clip. If you're interested in hiring Cronoslogic for your video needs, please use our contact form to inquire about how we can work for you.

From Start to Finish

Click the image above to play the video

This video was produced in 2004. It was created as a promotional demonstration for IRSI's web site. This is actually the first job they hired us for. They shot the video themselves while on a job site, we learned everything about their product, wrote the script, Joseph Weierheiser did the narration and the video was completely produced in about a week.

This video was a an edit for a reseller client of the OnFile medical records service in 2010. The video was modified to meet the time, watermarks and branding for our FileLink client. We also built their entire web site from the ground up and this was one of the items included in the project.

OnFile Video

Click the image above to play the video

Live and Let Die - Imagine

Click the image above to play the video

This video was produced in 2005 for the band Live and Let Die. This is a special video because it was used in real time as the 12' x 7' background display during the live performance. A total of more than 40 videos were put together for these shows in addition to a variety of visual effects that could be displayed in real time as overlays during the performance.

This video was created from start to finish, including the music, for AIEME in 2009. This video served as the intro that is played at the beginning of each conference. They were looking for an audio/visual impact video that would kick off each conference with eye popping statistics and visuals that would grab the attentions of the attendees.

PDMP by AIEME - Intro

Click the image above to play the video

The examples above are only a small portion of all the videos we have created for clients that are used for either DVD, live presentation or the web. Video production is so cost effective these days that there is no reason to not have video incorporated into your business. Cronoslogic can deliver the content you need to gain an edge over your competition. To inquire about Cronoslogic's video services, please use our contact form.


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